Russian Godfathers

This is the inside story of the bitter battle to run Russia between President Putin and three of the world’s richest men: Boris Berezovsky, one time kingmaker, now plotting regime change in Moscow from exile in Surrey; oil baron Mikhail Khordorkovsky, once the richest man in Russia, now on trial for fraud and tax evasion; and Yury Luzhkov, the autocratic mayor of Moscow.

Shows that television can still inform and amaze

The Times

One of the few essential programmes of the week... enthralling and bleakly funny

The Times

One of the funniest and most subtly revealing moments of television I’ve enjoyed in some time

Daily Telegraph

A cracker… very elegantly made by Patrick Forbes, or as elegant as you can be with your tongue in your cheek


Absolutely riveting

Daily Mirror

Offers a fascinating view of the murky world of political power games

Financial Times

Patrick Forbes, who directed BBC4’s much admired The National Trust, here looks to have delivered another series evincing visual flair and wry intelligence

Sunday Times

This is one of the highlights of the week. It is not often you get an opportunity to watch Monopoly and Russian roulette played by some of the richest and most ruthless men in the world

The Times

An eye-opening series

Daily Mail