Goya: Crazy Like A Genius

Art critic Robert Hughes takes a personal journey into the extraordinary, nightmarish world of Spain’s greatest painter, Francisco de Goya, charting his unprecedented development from decorative royal painter to master topographer of darkness, superstition, evil and despair. Simulcast on BBC2 and BBC4 to mark the launch night of BBC4.

The highlight [of BBC4’s launch night] is Robert Hughes, arguably the most compelling presenter around.


Hughes is the best cultural explainer and enthuser on television. He doesn’t just make a fist of art, he punches you repeatedly in the head until you see the light

Sunday Times

An instant classic… everything an arts documentary of this sort should be – highly literate, full of insight, funny, beefy, personalised… one of those rare programmes where you feel afterwards as if a layer of dead skin has been stripped from your eyeballs and your powers of perception have shot up accordingly

Sunday Times