Hello Culture

A follow-up to the award-winning This is Modern Art, Hello Culture traces contemporary culture back to its roots in Romanticism, examing the links between then and now – from Coleridge to Kerouac, Gericault to the Sex Pistols, Lord Byron to OK Magazine.

Hello Culture is positively addictive in the slighly off-kilter angle from which it views, and links, a wide diversity of influences

Financial Times

A rare pop-culture programme that is both cool and clever.

Sunday Times

An enjoyable lesson, with broad enthusiastic strokes from Collings, a worthy successor to his last series, This is Modern Art.

The Guardian

For people like me who read and write in a section called Culture, the programme’s all heaven

A. A. Gill, The Sunday Times

The only show on TV which can leap from French Romanticism to the Sex Pistols to Beckett

Independent on Sunday

This series is living proof that not everything has changed for the worst

Sunday Times

Informed, droll and highly idiosyncratic

The Times

Refreshingly stimulating and informative

The Observer

You’ll struggle to find anything else that makes you so delightfully incensed

Daily Telegraph

Absorbing…riveting and even, dare one say, exhilarating

Financial Times

I loved every poptastic, hilarious, informative minute of it… Hello Culture was a witty, thoughtful, thoroughly entertaining series that appealed far further than most cultural programmes. Big Hair Bragg should quake in his boots

Tate Magazine