Footprints in the Snow

A feature-length drama based on the true story of Julie Hill, who was determined to fight back after being paralysed below the waist following a horrific car accident. The film follows Julie’s pioneering attempts at rehabilitation and her struggle to save her marriage. Starring Caroline Quentin and Kevin Whatley, Footprints won an audience of 7.37 million and a 34% share on ITV.

With fantastic performances from its two stars, this poignant film is inspirational viewing


Caroline Quentin is outstanding. Inspiring stuff

Sunday Express

Extraordinarily moving

Daily Express

Caroline Quentin gives a superb performance in this extremely touching, funny and uplifting gem


What lingered was Williams’s raw portrayal of violently altered family life and … some especially fine acting from Quentin and Whately Forget the Ovaltine, Footprints in the Snow demanded a Scotch

The Times

This was drama of the highest order, which I shall remember for years to come. Beautifully written by Nigel Williams and directed with great subtlety by Richard Spence. The end scene …was as moving as anything I’ve seen all year. Caroline Quentin and Kevin Whately both gave terrific performances

Daily Mail

The excellent script sparkles with black humour. It’s brilliantly directed and acted. Caroline Quentin gives her best TV performance to date

TV Times

Footprints had a particularly sharp eye for the often-overlooked details of disabled life … largely because it neither minimised the adversity nor overstated the triumph

Daily Telegraph

A superior ITV drama, Quentin and Whately give strong persuasive performances

The Times