Chopin Saved My Life

Chopin’s Ballade Number One is such an extraordinary piece of piano music, it has become an internet sensation around the world. Thousands post their performances on You Tube. In under 10 minutes, the pianist must display extraordinary feats of control, speed, memory, power and dexterity. This moving film tells the story of how the Ballade has transformed the lives of two young pianists – 15 year old schoolgirl Momoka who survived the Japanese tsunami, and Scottish student Paul Murray recovering from his 5th brain surgery. With additional contributions from some of the world’s greatest international pianists including Lang Lang and Vladimir Ashkenazy.

"I closed my eyes, let the music and everything said in the preceding half hour wash over me. I’ve rarely had a more intense experience of music, on television."

The Telegraph

"It would be hard to find a more powerful testament to the power of music than this intensely moving film"

The Times