Benjamin Britten: The Hidden Heart

This is a story about how two great musical talents, Benjamin Britten and the tenor Peter Pears met and fell in love and how their subsequent lifelong relationship influenced the course of twentieth century classical music.

A bit like a male Bridget Jones, it quickly proves angst and insecurity are not exclusive to the female population

Daily Mirror

An appealing look at the indignities of dating

Sunday Times

A funny and moving look at the lives of 20-something singles in London, and comes with the bonus of a genuinely surprise ending


An amusing self-deprecating lovelogue… the kind of warm, original and off-beat film that there’s rather too little of in these days of homogenised schedules


A haunting film… This fabulous documentary… must have encouraged many people like myself… to go out and buy the recordings. How often can television claim to do that?

The Times