Charles III – The Coronation Year

The UK was a different country the last time a monarch was crowned. Now, 70 years on, Charles III has to show what sort of a monarch he will be for a 21st-century Britain.

With exclusive access to the King and Queen Camilla, this historic film follows them throughout the first year of their reign, including unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to preparations for the coronation as well as the day itself. Family and friends also provide their own fresh insights into the way the new sovereign has set about reshaping the monarchy for the 21st century.

Charles III: The Coronation Year also underlines the key role of other members of the royal family during a momentous year. For the first time since 1937, Britain is crowning a queen consort. We follow Queen Camilla and members of her family as they accompany her on this historic journey.

Viewers will also see how the King has embraced the duties which shaped the life of his late mother during the longest reign in British history.

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