The National Trust

Two years in the making, this major five-part documentary series revealed the trials and tribulations assailing Britain’s biggest landowner and guardian of the nation’s heritage. From nudists to nature-lovers, Beatles fans to landed gentry, the series entranced viewers and won BBC4 the largest audience in its history.

Fun though it is to lambast the BBC for its nauseating political correctness, its glib left-wing bias and its continual dumbing down, there are times when you’re forced grudgingly to admit that it’s still the greatest broadcasting organization in the world and that your licence fee is worth every penny. The first part of its new series The National Trust was one such moment… And as I watched transfixed, appalled and delighted at this classic piece of TV, my heart filled with joy about how wonderful the BBC can still be when it gets its programmes as right as this. Great camerawork, great direction (by Patrick Forbes), great voiceover, great everything. God, I can’t wait for the next four episodes

The Spectator

Expertly crafted..beautifully realised

Evening Standard

This superb series

The Times

… brilliantly observed