Second Generation

A 2 x 90 minute drama about how greed, forbidden love, and secret guilt tears apart two families. Focussing on the second generations of two immigrant families: one Hindu and one Muslim – it stars Parminder Nagra (Bend it Like Beckham), Christopher Simpson (White Teeth) and Om Puri (East is East), with an original soundtrack by Nitin Sawhney.

The sex scenes are dynamite


It was good enough to bludgeon you with a breathless adjectival pile-up... rapturous to look at thanks to the most handsome collection of actors in living memory and some evanescent photography, it was elegantly acted… brilliantly written…the whole three hour confection topped off with a whirling whipped-cream dream of a soundtrack … one of the year’s most memorable dramas.


Respect to Channel 4 for a great drama…a joy to watch

Channel 4

There is a complex dramatic energy behind Second Generation and, above all, it rings true

The Times

There was an exciting sense in last night’s opening episode of Second Generation that what we were watching was not only an engrossing, beautifully produced drama but also an accurate reflection of the lives and concerns of British Asians today

Daily Telegraph

Neil Biswas’s sweeping and rather splendid story of love, ambition, betrayal, secrets and lies… was enormously enjoyable. It may be the first drama to genuinely depict the intricacies of a community usually portrayed in two dimensions

The Guardian

The sort of ambitious, edgy drama Channel 4 was made for… Romantic original and exciting

Marie Claire