Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy

‘Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy’ celebrates the life and work of Diana, Princess of Wales, in the 20th year since her tragic death. This unprecedented documentary is built around interviews with HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry, both of whom talk openly about their mother and pay tribute to the many ways her influence has shaped their lives.

Their Royal Highnesses will also offer their perspective on The Princess’ unique contribution to public life, including her charitable and humanitarian work. Areas explored include Landmines, Child Bereavement, Homelessness and HIV and AIDS.

The film will also include individual contributions from many key figures in the Princess’ life and new archival material. Through the personal and intimate reflections of her two sons and of her friends and family, many of whom have never spoken before, the film will offer fresh and revealing insights into Princess Diana, an iconic figure who touched the lives of millions.

Indeed, without any hint of schmaltz, what really emerged here was that Diana’s most significant legacy... was these two young princes who – even in the act of recalling their mother with unqualified love and joy – are transforming the face of the Royal family by being its most openly approachable and compassionate members yet.

The Telegraph

That’s what this programme was mainly about: two brothers, remembering the mum they lost too early, thinking about her every day, regretting not saying more that last time on the phone, still feeling those massive hugs, 20 years on. It doesn’t matter who they are: that is normal, human, and moving.

The Guardian