Brexit Means Brexit: The Unofficial Version

Award-winning director Patrick Forbes goes beyond the headlines to film the bitter battle to govern Britain after 2016’s referendum vote. Filmed over one extraordinary year, it’s a story of low politics, high ambition and bitter personal animosities – at stake the biggest decision the UK has taken for decades. Can the prime minister tame the judges, the opposition and finally the public to deliver Brexit? One thing everyone involved agrees on, get this wrong and, ‘we will see another even bigger seismic change in this country’s politics’.

Brexit Means Brexit – a political farce with terrifying implications

The Guardian

Brexit Means Brexit was a romp through a year of political restlessness... this was good insouciant fun with lots of jaunty music. In a very British way it made light of a constitutional earthquake

The Telegraph

Brexit Means Brexit was a wonderfully mischievous insight into Westminster's back-stabbing circus

The Mirror