Alan Davies’ Teenage Revolution

Comedian and author, Alan Davies, revisits his teenage years for a refreshingly original evaluation of the decade that made modern Britain: the 1980s. Alan Davies grew up in the 1980s, an era when it seemed everything – music, politics, even the bedroom – was being turned into a battlefield. Packed with archive footage and home videos, this three-part series provides a unique social history of the 1980s through the prism of Alan Davies’ own teenage experiences. It is a personal journey exploring two inter-linked stories spanning the decade: Davies’ own experiences growing up as a teenager in suburban Britain, and the seismic social, cultural and political changes that made the country what it is today.

...Entertaining fun, but it also has surprising depth as social history.... Ultimately, though, this is a feel-good show, thanks to the brio of Davies' storytelling and the measure of how far he and Britain have come since those days.

Mail on Sunday

At last we have a refreshingly objective look at the 1980s which for once is not sidetracked by shoulderpads and the inevitable dreary New Romantics. ... A deftly edited nostaligafest with a point


Hugely entertaining series...

The Times